Ever been told, “Don’t give up your day job” when you sing?

Australian Acting Academy WorkshopHow would you like to have the confidence to sing when others are around you and not feel embarrassed?

In this workshop you will learn why this is and be given some simple tools to overcome your fears.

A practical workshop to open up your heart, help you discover your natural voice and make you feel alive! No solos are required, so it suits people who are naturally shy about their voice. This workshop works at both the individual level and at the group level, making it ideal for personal growth, stress relief and team building activities.

John is an energetic and fun facilitator who has a passion for helping people to find their inner voice. He has had a long association with the Relaxation Centre, Brisbane conducting public workshops. He has also conducted workshops for The Australian Acting Academy, Logan City Council, and Health World (Metagenics) at the International Congress of Natural Medicine.
People who have been have said “We did Sing for Joy! Amazingly united in voice & spirit in such a brief time. A simple step to solve complex problems. There should be more of it!” “Thank you for the wonderful massage of my soul.”

John always loved singing, but was shy about his voice. He was privileged to participate in a number of workshops with internationally acclaimed teachers and has discovered his beautiful inner voice.

You too can find your beautiful voice with John’s caring and rewarding methods. You will learn to sing some very simple mantras that are uplifting and will forever change how you feel about your voice.

Give your self esteem a boost and come along to enjoy a fun-filled hour of sound and song.

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Workshop: Teamwork for Harmony

Using the metaphor of a choir, the group will be taught simple tunes to sing in harmony. This interactive session will explore the contribution of individuals to a team; reinforce the importance focus on a common goal; highlight the importance of listening skills; provide an understanding of strategic alliances and actively demonstrate how harnessing the essential elements of teamwork can create harmony.

This session will be conducted in a Masterclass style, demonstrating each element, having the group practice them and discuss the effects as they hear their songs come together, improving in quality and intensity with each lesson learned.

Having fun will be an essential element of this Masterclass, as it will be used to demonstrate to participants how the quality of their output improves when they are having fun.

Who Should Attend :
Management teams, sales teams, work groups, social clubs

How you will benefit :
On completion of this session, participants will have a clear understanding of the importance of the following: Goal focus, Listening skills (both to self and to others), Strategic alliances.

On completion of this session, participants will have developed skills in the following areas: Goal setting, Communicating goals, Listening, Forming strategic alliances.

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Private Voice Coaching Sessions

Private sessions are available for individuals and small groups.  These are very different to traditional “singing lessons” in that they focus more on being able to find your inner voice and being able to sing from the heart.  Once you can do this, technique becomes like an add-on that you can use to be able to play with your voice.

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SoulCollage® Workshops

These can be run as just SoulCollage® or can incorporate singing and music as well.  It is entirely up to you to decide what works for you.

SoulCollage®, is a creative art modality where participants follow a self-exploration process using images to make collages to discover and express themselves with clarity.  You can read more about this at

Use the contact form to find out more or see my Word Press blog at

The SoulCollage® process is described in Seena B. Frost’s book, SoulCollage®. More information about SoulCollage® can be found at

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4 Responses to “Workshops”

  1. Dave Barnwell 04. Oct, 2008 at 6:20 am

    Sing for Joy Workshop:
    Wasn’t sure what to expect. Very stimulating for my self confidence and self esteem. Learned answers about my childhood affecting my adult life. Thank You!

  2. Sing For Joy Workshop:
    Excellent – I didn’t think about the heart/healing aspect but I know it is much more powerful than just singing to be good at it. The emotional aspect was amazing!

  3. I came to your workshop “Sing Thru Your Bones for Joy” on Saturday and I am amazed at the change in the resonance of my voice. I have been trying to fix these problems for a while and I never knew it would be so easy. Any time it feels a bit rough I just do the exercise to relax the false vocal chords and the ease returns. On Sunday night when I discovered my new voice I was too excited to go to bed! I was wandering around the house singing and playing with tones that I’d never been able to achieve. Whatever was stopping me from singing with my true voice has gone.

    Everybody who sings should do your workshop!

    Thank you to you both. (John Rodriquez & Rhonda Ohlson)

  4. Nurture Yourself Full Day Workshop –
    Thank you John for such a wonderful day yesterday of singing just for the fun and joy of it! And love the photo too. It was beautiful surroundings and you created such a safe and non-threatening environment in which to join in and sing with everyone. Just a great day and sang all the way home to your CD! I look forward to other workshops with you.
    Thanks again