Praise for the “Sing For Joy” Workshops.

“Thank you for the wonderful massage of my soul.”

“Inspiring- like new minds joining together. Well-planned & confidence building. I would recommend.”

“This was an excellent course. I felt well for the first time in 6 weeks – Wonderful! John is an excellent & gentle facilitator & leader”

“Team Top Health promotes health and wellbeing across Council and is highly supportive of Sing For Joy workshops conducted by John Rodriquez, evolutions. John conducted workshops at a recent Team Top Health activity and these were well received by staff who attended.  Participants found the workshops were not intimidating but encouraged those who would not normally sing in public to so in a supportive and friendly environment. There was lots of positive energy generated with fun and laughter in abundance and staff are looking forward to the next workshop”

Mike Ellis, Chair, Team Top Health. Logan City Council.

“John was GREAT, the attendees had a blast of song which really opened their hearts, so I couldn’t be happier.”

Mike Curley, Metagenics International Congress of Natural Medicine 2007.

“A great day – it was fun, relaxing, uplifting & colourful. I certainly surprised myself – a great warm environment to encourage people to be themselves & enjoy it. Many, many thanks.”

“We did Sing For Joy! Amazingly united in voice & spirit in such a brief time. – A simple step to solve complex problems. There should be more of it!”

Official Feedback and Testimonies

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  1. John recently closed our Aromatherapy Conference with his Sing for Joy workshop. It not only left our delegates uplifted but brought us all closer together and helped end the conference on a high. Great job John – keep it up!

  2. Jessie & Richard 01. Jul, 2009 at 8:59 am

    Hi John, we wanted to say “THANK YOU” for the opportunity to sing with you and the rest of the group. It was a lovely night and so enjoyable hearing the harmonies come through. You are a very good teacher and so passionate about music and getting it out there. It was fun. Sing,sing,sing. Jessie and Richard

  3. Reflexology Association of Australia National Conference 2010
    This was my 3rd Reflexology Conference and as usual I came home uplifted, rejuvenated, smiling and singing!! Then I had to go and tell everyone who asked me about it just how wonderful it was…but finding the words…..to express the feeling of being with 200 like-minded people….was not easy.
    The highlight for me was John Rodriquez. Initially I wondered about singing and Reflexology? But during his presentation, being part of the wonderful harmony he conducted with our 200 odd voices filled me with wonder at how the energy in the room was like sparking electricity…..and then we sat quietly…as in mindful meditation and basked in the afterglow. When John first said we were going to sing, I (like many others no doubt) having had voice problems for 10 years, cringed and thought ..not me…but as we progressed….felt the joy of finding my voice, croaky though it was. I couldn’t wait to buy his CD and have played it a couple of times a day – in the car even…..much to my teenager’s dismay:-)
    Congratulations to you all for creating such a wonderful Conference with Presenters who each gave us so much to think about.