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ThetaHealing® Sessions now available

I am delighted to announce that I am ready to conduct sessions by Skype or in person at Shailer Park.

Initial consultations are $135 (Between 1 hour & 1.5 hrs)

Follow up consultations:  $135 for 1 hour

$75 for 1/2 hour

Contact me at john@singyourvoice.com to arrange a time and prepayment (for Skype)

Singchronicity and Singclusion: What is the difference?


My private business that is all about Finding Meaning through Creative Connections.  You can find my website at http://singyourvoice.com and my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SingchronicityHealing

Currently, it is made up of three key initiatives:

  1. Singing: Discovering your beautiful, natural voice and trusting in yourself to use it. See http://singyourvoice.com/
  2. SoulCollage®: Using a collage art process to make your own oracle cards that talk to you from your soul. See http://souljohn.wordpress.com/
  3. ThetaHealing®: An energy healing technique using the Theta brainwave state to connect to the universal source of Unconditional Love in order to bring about physical, psychological and spiritual healing. See http://singyourvoice.com/4332/certified-theaterhealer/ It is not aligned to any institutionalised religion(s) or belief systems, other than that there is  a universal source of Unconditional Love that has taken on many different names over time.


A not-for profit, incorporated association of like-minded musicians established to support individuals and communities to utilise music as a vehicle for social inclusion. You can find us at http://singclusion.org and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Singclusion

Unlike other associations, Singclusion seeks to provide opportunities (with a particular focus on singing and or songwriting) regardless of a person’s experience or perceived “ability” so they and their communities can grow in the love of music to share.

I am both the founder and president of Singclusion.

Singclusion is the “parent” of the Mixed Beans Multicultural Choir who have their home at http://mixedbeans.org and a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/mixedbeanschoir

Singclusion Inc is a member of the Music in Communities Network and can also be found through http://musicincommunities.org.au/singclusion Note that this is where the above “.org” link points to.