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Wesak Full Moon Ceremony

Friday 28 May 7 PM – 9 PM

With Terry Oldfield and Soraya

This will be a special evening Ceremony to celebrate the Wesak Full moon at Mandala.

“Music, Meditation & Ceremony”

The Full Moon in the month of May (Taurus) is the time we celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment which occurred in the Wesak Valley in Himalayan-Tibet Ranges. Approaching the time of the full moon of Taurus, pilgrims from the surrounding districts begin to gather. The holy men and the lamas find their way into the valley. They also gather a group of great Great Beings who are the Custodians of the Earth. The Buddha has become the symbol of the ability of humankind to attain Enlightenment and to live a life of love and compassion to all beings. On Wesak full moon and the 2 days prior and after there is powerful energy available to us from the cosmos for Meditation. If we take time out from our busy lives at this time to go within, profound shifts and inner healing can occur with more Grace and Ease. It is said in the Wesak Valley in Tibet that the celestial beings who descend and gather at this time send their blessings on all those who are ready to receive.  Come let us gather and go within.
All over the world people are gathering at this time to meditate and empty themselves in order to receive. Come and join us at this auspicious time…..To be still and know that I am.
Join Terry and Soraya on this special full moon in an atmosphere of peace, nature and stillness.

To contact Terry

email: info@terryoldfield.com