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Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter Nov 2012 – Jan 2013

Well, another year is nearly over!  Lots of endings and new beginnings to read about inside this issue.  Get into it now, and get involved in creating your own endings & new beginnings! Have a great holiday season and see you all next year.

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Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter July 2011

Welcome everyone, hope the weather is not too cold.   There are plenty of workshops and concerts in July to warm your heart and music to enjoy.

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Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter May 2011

Hello, I am pleased to say that I am back on deck with a new newsletter with many exciting and rewarding events coming your way.  Singing workshops, Kirtans, retreats and more….

Catch up with Chris James, Brian Martin, Tony Backhouse, Sacred Earth, The Voices …and the list keeps growing.

Hop inside & have a look for yourself!

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Sounds of Singchonicity Feb 11

Welcome everyone I hope you all had a good rest and Happy New Year.   There are a few events happening this month and a few great retreats.  “Click here to download Sounds of Singchronicity Feb 11′

Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter Nov 2010 – Jan 2011

Final newsletter for this year folks.

Lots of fun stuff to play at/with over the next few months.

CD Launches by Chris James and Sacred Earth (separate!); workshops for singing (John & Rhonda; Chris James), drumming (Elliott Orr), choir direction (Brian Martin); devotional chanting (Deva, Miten & Manose; Sacred Space; Terry Oldfield & Soraya) music camp…….and on it goes.

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Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter Oct 2010

Hi folks

This is the 2nd last newsletter for the year.  Lots of great sounds coming your way this month, with Chris James, Elliott Orr, Rob Stevenson, Sacred Earth to name a few!

Rhonda & I are at the Relaxation Centre on Sat 2nd Oct for a unique session on creativity.  Check it out!

If you have any events to publicise for the November issue, please send them to me by end of 2nd week in Nov to give us time to process them.  After November, the next newsletter will come out in February.

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Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter Sept 2010

Lots of new things to read about and try for yourselves as you jump into Spring!

Singing Workshops, festivals, Drumming, Native American Flute Workshop, retreats, music camps….the list goes on!
Spring into Spring and try something new or revisit old friends!

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Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter June 2010

Hello everyone

June is packed full of opportunities to go an play with your voices and to share in making music with others.

Be guided by your inner knowing and choose something (actually, it will choose you!) and get involved!

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Sounds of Singchronicity Nov, Dec 09 & Jan 10


This is the last newsletter until February next year.

Lots of exciting workshops for you to play!

Don’t miss my special full day workshop “Nurture Yourself” coming SOON

Have a great festive season and look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

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