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Events with Chris James

Wednesday 3 August –  Sunday 7 August

Healing Power of Sound Advanced – a five day retreat

Lennox Head Sport &,
Recreation Centre,
Lennox Head, 2478, NSW

Truly “ Expression is Everything” and now we have the opportunity to go deeper within, to be who we truly are, and speak, sing and experience the joy of living and being in harmony together. Expand your awareness of your expression in everything you do.
Included are Grace-Full Instrument sessions for the voice and musical instruments. As you re-develop your connection in grace and gentleness, old mental structures which you have held dissolve, allowing the freedom and joy of expressing play-fully from the fire of the inner-heart. One of the lovely aspects of co-creating together is its equal-ness, and intuitiveness, which combined with our understanding of gentleness and sound, brings a true oneness.
This course presents an opportunity to build on that connection with stillness, our inner heart, and our expression within this truth.

Jenny James   (0)2 6628 3308 or email admin@chrisjames.net



Wednesday 10 August  7PM – 8.30PM

Email:  victoria@nonprofitassist.net.au

Phone: Victoria Lister  419 274 351 



Wednesday 17 – Thursday 18 August


Chris offers privates sessions internationally, please contact Sounds Wonderful or your local coordinator for availability.
For bookings within Australia, you can email us, or phone Sounds Wonderful between 9am-5pm 7 days a week.

Email donnaharris13@optusnet.com.au

Phone: (0)424 155 005

Sounds of Singchronicity Newsletter July 2011

Welcome everyone, hope the weather is not too cold.   There are plenty of workshops and concerts in July to warm your heart and music to enjoy.

“Click here to download” Sounds of Singchronicity July 11 .

Innermost Sound/Grace-Full Instruments with Chris James, N.S.W.

Sunday 3 July & Sunday 10 July   9.30 -11.30AM

McLeans Ridges Community Hall, McLeans Ridges, N.S.W.

In these groups we come together and celebrate the harmony of our united sound. These are not so much instructional events but are all about what can happen when, in focus, stillness and oneness, we allow our natural voice to flow. Grace-full instruments sessions are also a part of this event with Chris. So, bring along your voice, drum, guitar, violin… all those instruments that have been hiding in the closet – or re-tune yourself to your instrument/voice if you are a practicing musician or singer. Chris holds these events when he is home in Australia. Sound groups are held in various cities around the world by graduates of Sounds Wonderful Residential Trainings.

Sounds Wonderful  (0)2 6628 3308



Workshop and Concerts with Chris James, Mackay. Qld.

The Big Sing- An Evening of Harmony in the Community

Friday 15 July   7PM – 8.30PM

Joy-Full Voice 1 day Workshop

Sunday 17 July  9.30AM – 4.30PM

Angrove, Mackay, Qld.


Sounds of Singchronicity – June 2011

Welcome everyone, there are a range of workshop and activities available this month to play with your voice and sing over the coming winter months.

Click here to download Sounds of Singchronicity June11

The Joy-full Voice One Day Workshop with Chris James Vic.

Sunday 26 June  9.30AM – 4.30PM

Elwood, Victoria.

For Bookings:  www.chrisjames.net

or email:brbrhrn9@gmail.com

The One Day Joy-full Voice Workshop with Chris James N.S.W.

Sunday 19 June  9.30AM – 4.30PM

Mcleans Ridges, N.S.W.


For Bookings: www.chrisjames.net

Email.: admin@chrisjames.net

The Joy-full Voice One Day Workshop with Chris James Qld

Saturday 18 June   9.30AM – 4.30PM

Nerang, Queensland