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Voice Yoga

When we chant or sing, it makes us feel good.  Scientific research shows that chanting and singing is good for us in many ways.

So why do some people think they can do this and others don’t?  Over the years some people we have put on layers to protect themselves an these hide their beautiful voices.

Have you noticed that all children think they can sing?  It is not until they get older and start to take on other people’s opinions that they start to change how they think about themselves.

John conducts public, private and corporate sessions to help you understand your voice.  He shows how your perceptions impact your ability to sing.  Using the underlying principles of Yoga practice, John guides participants into a space of mindfulness and non-judgement as he delivers high impact outcomes, in a caring, safe space for you to find your inner voice. His sessions are charged with positive energy and are loads of fun.  He delivers an experience you will long remember, as you come away from a session both buzzing and chilled at the same time! (see testimonials)