Being in Heaven – Film Release

I received this info the other day and wanted to share it with you.

“We have been fortunate enough to gain cinema exhibition with Palace Cinemas, the third largest in the country, for our film ‘Being in Heaven’. It opens in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne on the 28th of January – eleven days time!
In order for it to gain a long run, and so make it a success, we need to fill the cinemas for the first few days, and Palace then book it for the following weeks.
There are sessions at either 1.00 pm or 6.30 pm, every day. You can see the trailer and synopsis of the story on

The film is aimed at people who are interested in personal development and how to transform their lives. It had an excellent response at the test launch in Byron Bay, where 93% found it from good to excellent.
Australian films need all the support they can get, as we don’t have the giant marketing budgets that the American films have. It’s just all of us peddling madly to let people know it is on!

We are also happy to extend our Christmas gift to any people who come to the cinema. It is a free downloadable book called ‘The Real Law of Attraction’, written by the film’s writer/director, Michael Rowland. It is about how we attract many of the things that happen to us into our lives, and how to attract what we really want. (Another Free Gift will be coming soon for all cinema attendees as well).”

All details are on the web site with the trailer:

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