4 Week Drum Course with Elliott Orr

Starting Thursday 31 January

West End, Brisbane


This is a wonderful way to experience the power of drumming, make new friends and have a great time!

This course is open to all levels of experience.

Thursday 31 Jan; Thursday  7 Feb; Thursday 21 Feb; Thurs. Feb. 28


Classes are broken into 3 sessions. Basic payment covers 2 sessions. Full payment covers all three. Session descriptions are below.
BASIC PAYMENT $70 / $20 casual

FULL PAYMENT $90 / $25 casual

Venue: West End Croquet Club, Musgrave Park, 91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane 4101
Drums: Drums available for hire ($5 per night) and sale.

Bookings: 0407 372 554 / info@talkinthedrum.com.au

If you have just entered the land of the drum, welcome to the circle! This is a whole world of its own, a diverse community of people spanning the globe. Here in Brisbane, Elliott Orr has been teaching weekly classes since 1995, sharing the simple joy of African rhythm with some 10,000 people. After all this time, and all these people, he is still loving it!!

Classes are grouped into courses of 3-6 weeks, over which time a complete African piece is taught (it is more important to play one rhythm well than to play a bunch of rhythms poorly).

This year Elliott has introduced a new format where the class is broken into 3 sessions. Basic payment covers 2 sessions.

Session 1 – Devoted to entry-level beginner drummers who are discovering how to find the bass, tone and slap. Learn the A.B.C. of the djembe in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment. It flows at a comfortable, easy going pace and while it is pitched at entry-level beginners, fully fledged beginners and more advanced drummers are totally welcome – after all, lets face it, one can always improve one’s technique. More advanced drummers will be stretched accordingly.

Session 2 – This is for everybody, an overlapping session for all levels. Focus here is on the actual rhythms contained in the piece of the course. There are usually 2-4 accompaniment hand drum parts to any particular rhythm and in this session you will get to know these parts and learn how to start and stop them.

Session 3 – This last session is for ‘fully-fledged’ beginners, intermediate and advanced drummers who have not only developed a reasonable technique but are ready to learn the more complex aspects of the piece. These include learning and placing the call, any breaks or bridges and solo phrases.

Each session is separated by a tea break, a chance to catch the breath and catch up with friends.

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