Singchronicity and Singclusion: What is the difference?


My private business that is all about Finding Meaning through Creative Connections.  You can find my website at and my Facebook page at

Currently, it is made up of three key initiatives:

  1. Singing: Discovering your beautiful, natural voice and trusting in yourself to use it. See
  2. SoulCollage®: Using a collage art process to make your own oracle cards that talk to you from your soul. See
  3. ThetaHealing®: An energy healing technique using the Theta brainwave state to connect to the universal source of Unconditional Love in order to bring about physical, psychological and spiritual healing. See It is not aligned to any institutionalised religion(s) or belief systems, other than that there is  a universal source of Unconditional Love that has taken on many different names over time.


A not-for profit, incorporated association of like-minded musicians established to support individuals and communities to utilise music as a vehicle for social inclusion. You can find us at and on Facebook at

Unlike other associations, Singclusion seeks to provide opportunities (with a particular focus on singing and or songwriting) regardless of a person’s experience or perceived “ability” so they and their communities can grow in the love of music to share.

I am both the founder and president of Singclusion.

Singclusion is the “parent” of the Mixed Beans Multicultural Choir who have their home at and a Facebook page at

Singclusion Inc is a member of the Music in Communities Network and can also be found through Note that this is where the above “.org” link points to.

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