Spooky Men’s Chorale Concert & Workshop

Based in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and led by Stephen Taberner, the Spooky Men’s Chorale is a vast, rumbling, steam powered, black-clad behemoth, seemingly accidentally capable of rendering audiences moist eyed with mute appreciation or haplessly gurgling with merriment. Established on the twin pillars of grand foolishness and the quest for the perfect subwoofer-rattling boofchord, the Spooky Men seek to commentate on the absurdity and grandeur of the modern male, armed only with their harmonious voices, pointless grandiosity, a sly collection of hats and a staggering diversity of facial hair configurations.

They have performed to general delirium at concerts across the country, most major Australian festivals, conquered the inner sanctums of the ABC, and also pillaged the UK to devastating effect on 3 tours culminating in the hugely successful 2009 invasion where they routed folk festivals and monstered hapless townsfolk across the nation. Spookmeister Taberner steers his hand-picked, black-clad choral assault force, like the entertainment corps of the Visigothic army, down from their hideout deep in the mountains, where manners are short and stories are tall, across the limitless, whistling steppes of rock and pop, trad and punk, rib-tickling and innermost original compositions. They now have three cds to offer an unsuspecting public, “Tooled Up” and “Stop Scratching It”, with the third – “Deep” (with dvd) – to be released on tour. It is unclear what is more dangerous to your general equilibrium, missing them, or not.

Saturday, 13 November @ 7.30OM


The Princess Theatre, Annerley Road, Woolloongabba
$30/25 on the door, or tickets available from Oztix at www.oztix.com.au

Sunday, 14 November v@ 11AM – 1PM

Sing Like A Bloke Workshop (for blokes of all genders)

BEMAC Yungaba 120 Main St, Kangaroo Point Brisbane QLD
Price $25/20 Contact mail@cloudstreet.org (John Thompson) or Carrie Hauxwell carrie.hauxwell@gmail.com for more info

Stephen Taberner and his trusted bunch of henchmen from the Spooky Men’s Chorale share secrets from the Spooky lexicon, including getting in touch with your inner 22 stone tribal chieftain, how to sob like a man, and why Georgians hardly open their mouths when they sing. You’ll also learn a couple of bits of pointlessly grandiose music from the Georgian/Spooky repertoire. And they are always happy to field questions on beard manicuring, safe polishing of tools, and how to dispose of mastodon carcasses thoughtfully.

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