Native American Flute Playing Workshop

With Bobby Runningfox

Tuesday 21 September

Eco Mountain Lodge, Glasshouse Mountains

Native American Flute

You Can Do It and Love It!

In an all materials supplied full day workshop, Bobby Runningfox will share the art of playing your own sacred Native American Flute, which has been used by American Indians and other cultures around the world for centuries.

Bobby begins with drumming and chanting, rituals to release all fears and limitations, the blessing of your flute ceremony and receiving your flute, lessons to create powerful music, you don’t have to be musical to play anyone can do it so don’t be discouraged.

As this is a hands-on workshop,  numbers are strictly kept to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure individual attention. To secure your space, see or call Eyesberg Enterprises on 0416 586 816.

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