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Drum Courses start this week!

A message to my readers from Elliott Orr

Hi one and all! & Hi to the one in all!
Finally, after a few months of having no venue in which to teach my regular community classes (due to noise complaints at Kurilpa Hall)  I am ready to get crackalacken once again this Friday the 2nd July.
And yes, I know….. a little more notice would have been helpful…… But we’ve had issues with the website, a bandwidth limitation that has now been lifted – phew! So please accept my humble apologies for not having told you before now. If you would like to join the course, but can’t this Friday, then no worries, just jump in next week and I promise to cover this weeks material then so you can catch up (in which case you would pay the casual rate).

Here are all the details folks:
I’m trying a new format and I’ll be very keen to see what people think about it……. Your feedback is most welcome.
There are two levels. The first is Technique/Beginners and the second is Beginners/Intermediate. I will be teaching both groups over three sessions on Friday nights. The two groups overlap for the middle session. The basic cost is for session one and two, or session two and three.

6.30-7.15  Technique/Beginners – Focus is on getting good sounds without hurting your hands.

7.30-8.15  Techique/Beginners AND Beginners/Intermediate – In this session I will teach the actual rhythm of the course. In this course I will be teaching Dimbe and possibly Nyanza which Chris Berry recently taught at Camp Banakuma.

8.30-9.30  Beginners/Intermediate – Focus on calls, intro’s, bridges, advanced versions of the parts, solo’s, doundoun parts etc.

Where do you fit in……?
I believe it is crutially important that when people first begin playing djembe there be some focus on the actual technique involved. It is very easy to develop bad habits in regards to how your hands touch the skin and extremely difficult to change such habits. Needless to say, one’s technique can always be improved so I would encourage people to stay focussed on developing good technique throughout their playing.
So…… if you are brand new to the world of drumming, or if you have played for a while but not had any formal instruction, or if you acknowledge that your technique could do with some attention – then definately come to the first two sessions.

If you have already done a course with me or another good djembe teacher then I’m happy to leave it up to you; self-select! So while you are definately welcome to change gears by joining the Beginners/Intermediate group and do the second and third session, you may well decide to keep the whole mission of learning to play these crazy instruments more easily achievable – learning to play djembe is not race, it is not a competition and the longer you spend on the basics the easier you’ll pick up complex rhythms later. The only destination I can see is happiness, so you can arrive here before you even touch the drum!

Finally, if you have done a course before I would encourage you to do all three sessions. That’s two and half hours of drumming!!

Dates and Times – Friday nights July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. Tech/Beg 6.30-8.15pm Beg/Int 7.30-9.30pm.

Venue – West End Croquet Club Community Hall, Musgrave Park. 91 Cordelia St, South Brisbane (plenty of parking)

Cost – $87.50 (includes either first two sessions or second and third sessions. Or $20 casually.

– $110 (includes all three sessions) Or $25 casually.

– drum hire is $5 per week.

Booking process – Reply to or call 0407 372 554. Please provide your full name, mobile number, email address, whether you need to hire a drum and which course you intend to do.

If you are unsure of anything then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you in the circle.

Much love,


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